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Top 10 Romantic Islands You Should Visit This Summer

If you're looking to treat the one you love this summer what better way to do so than by taking him or her to one of the most picturesque islands on the planet? Distance yourself from the dramas of day to day life by escaping to one of these 10 magical locations, as chosen by Travel Channel UK, for a warming, romantic break.

1. Lanai, Hawaii

There may only be three hotels on Hawaii's smallest island, but if you're lucky enough to get a room in one of them you'll be in for a treat. The island's capital, Lanai City, was formerly a pineapple plantation settlement and Sweetheart Rock is an ideally named location for you and your other half to spend a sun-bathed afternoon.

2. Huahine, French Polynesia

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There's plenty to do in Huahine, from exploring vanilla plantations and pearl farms to snorkeling in amazing lagoons, all in the knowledge that you're quite literally thousands of miles away from the nearest mainland in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. Additionally, if the inner explorer in you awakens during your trip you can visit the ageless village of Maeva, unaltered over time.

3. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Enjoy a spring break in this Caribbean paradise, with Virgin Gorda just a short sail away from a number of other sun-drenched islands. You'll find it hard, however, to drag yourself away from the natural "baths" that have formed off the islands beaches, thanks to beautiful rock formations which provide the ideal couples retreat.

4. Cape Breton Island, Canada

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While Cape Breton may not have the tropical weather some of the other islands on this list enjoy, it has a coastal charm that few places on earth can emulate in addition to incredible views that stretch for miles on Canada's Atlantic coast. For couples who like romantic strolls and enjoy the unique charm the countryside has to offer, it doesn't get better than this.

5. Capri, Italy

Just a few miles south of Naples, Capri possesses mythical qualities and an air of history that surrounds the island. If taking to the sea and exploring the Tyrrhenian Sea sounds like your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day then this unerringly attractive Italian island is where you and your partner need to be this spring.

6. Santorini, Greece

Volcanic island? Check. Hillside villas? Check. Near-guaranteed sunshine? You get the picture. Santorini ticks all the boxes when it comes to a relaxing getaway, and with its beautiful scenery and even better weather whoever you take to this slice of paradise is in for a real treat.

7. Kiawah Island, USA

Located off the coast of South Carolina, Kiawah Island is ideal for the more athletic couples out there who are looking for somewhere to spend some time together this year. With 10 miles of shoreline the potential for romantic walks along the beach is limitless; but if you really want to maximise the impact of those strolls make sure you do so at sunset, when Kiawah's beach glows pink in an almost 'too good to be true' fashion.

8. Saba, Windward Dutch Antilles

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Saba is comfortably one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean and as such remains relatively unknown among some of the other more tourist friendly destinations, broadening its appeal to those who enjoy exploring new territories. Saba differs from most other tropical islands in that there is barely a sandy beach in sight, with its unique selling points including breath-taking hiking trails through its vast rain-forest and its beautiful reefs, which provide the perfect excuse for a spot of scuba-diving.

9. The Big Island, Hawaii

Can't make your mind up about what you want from your romantic getaway? The Big Island offers something for everyone as almost all of the world's 13 climate zones are featured, including snow-laden mountain tops, dense rainforest's and of course a range of incredible beaches to explore. And if you really want some adventure? Spend a night at the Volcano House Hotel, located right on the edge of - you guessed it - an active volcano.

10. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Palm trees, razor sharp volcanic peaks and crystal clear lagoons. To find one of those three natural wonders on an island is enough, let alone the holy trinity which Bora Bora possesses in abundance. Given the nickname "The Pearl of the Pacific" by Captain James Cook himself, anyone who's visited the island will happily reassert the legendary explorers opinion when asked about this hidden Southern Hemisphere gem.

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