Departures Series 1

Right now there will be numerous people gazing out of their window and dreaming of giving up everything and travelling the world. Unlike many people however, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach do exactly that; leaving behind good jobs and girlfriends to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. Determined to avoid the well-worn routes and traditional landmarks, Scott and Justin strive to integrate with the local people wherever they find themselves. From epic landscapes and unforgettable cultures, to the often trying times that come with international travel, Departures chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall Scott and Justin on their journey. From Canada to India, New Zealand to Cambodia, Departures offers real adventures, real life and real travel.


No. of Episodes: 13


1  Canada: Ocean to Ocean

Friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave the 9 to 5 behind to travel the world for a year. Feeling that they need to explore their own country first, they rent an RV in Halifax and hit the road with only 10 days to cross. Starting at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, they head west - seeing Hopewell Rocks, visiting friends in Ottawa doing some fishing in Northern Ontario, before they hit the beach in Manitoba. Almost there, they stop to take in some white water rafting in Fernie and climb the Rocky Mountains by helicopter. Camping the full way across, Scott and Justin reflect on what they are leaving behind and prepare themselves for the trip of a lifetime.
Duration: 60'


2  Jordan

Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach head to Jordan to attend their friend Ibrahimís wedding. Arriving in Amman they prepare themselves for the trip then head out to the Wadi Mujib to explore red desert, spend a night in the desert with the Bedouins, hike to the Monastery in Petra, visit the Roman ruins in Jerash and end it all when they hit the water in Aqaba. All just in time for the traditional Jordanian wedding.
Duration: 60'


3  India: Sacred ground

After a long flight, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach meet up with their friend Monica in New Delhi to take a gruelling train ride to the desert just outside of Jaiselmer. After a camel excursion into the deep desert, they head off to Varanasi, to witness the everyday cultural mayhem on the banks of the Ganges River. Scott and Justin discover the depth of India's different religions before flying to New Delhi just in time for the annual festival of lights - Diwali.
Duration: 60'


4  India: Quest for Himalayas

Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel through the more untouched parts of India, a quest which takes them from the far South to the far North. From the tropical heat of Goa to the cold, dry Himalayan vistas of Leh, India challenges them both to their utmost limits as they suffer from altitude sickness, food poisoning and a record breaking lightening storm while stuck on jet skis in the middle of the sea.
Duration: 60'


5  Ascension Island

In the most remote part of the South Atlantic, on Ascension Island, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach stay in a cottage in the clouds atop the highest mountain. They explore all parts of the island from volcanic rocks of red or black to vegetation from all areas of the world. Scott and Justin deal with problems of isolation as they try to contact banks at home and save personal relationships.
Duration: 60'


6  Japan: The Future

While navigating the extensive train systems in Japan, Scott manages to get them around while Justin struggles with language barriers and very different food. From shops and fish markets in Tokyo, to Geishas in Kyoto Justin and Scott finally make their way to Osaka to meet up with their friend Neel and explore the Japanese night life. Things finally settle down when they rent a car and leave the city behind to search for the more natural side.
Duration: 60'


7  Japan: The Past

Continuing in Japan, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach seek the peace of nature by driving through the Ise-Shima Peninsula, staying overnight in a temple in Koyasan before taking a late-night ferry to the island of Miyajima and try to find camp amongst the hundreds of native deer, ending it all with a flight to the island of Okinawa.
Duration: 60'


8  Cook Islands

Heading to the Paradise Islands (Cook Islands) Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach arrive in Rarotonga to find that their luggage is missing, not to arrive for another three days. As rain pours down outside, they realise that it is the heart of cyclone season. They fly to Mangaia and find that the whole island is out of power so head to the ocean for some sunshine and bamboo pole fishing with locals. Continuing on to Aitutaki, they kayak out to their own private island to set-up camp, drink from coconut shells and hunt crabs for dinner. Scott is tested about his commitments to the year trip while Justin's learns from the locals how to live off the land, that is until his love for animals is challenged in Atiu by "the head hunters" - the local school boys, when they are taken on a traditional pig hunt.
Duration: 60'


9  New Zealand: Untouched

Adventure in New Zealand does not come without consequences, especially when Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach meet up with their "larger than life" kiwi friend Ellis. They head to Auckland for Bungee jumping, go fishing in Kapity, absailing near Cheviot, and to earn their keep they sheer alpacas at Ellis fathers' before rafting on Buller River. They say goodbye and leave to find their own adventure on Mt. Cook. Justin's competitive risk-taking side takes over, while Scott deals with his own fears.
Duration: 60'


10  New Zealand: Extreme

Continuing in New Zealand, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach get a bit of Ellis' spirit and step up the adventure. They spend Christmas together in the remote beauty of Milford Sound, then head to Wannaka on their way to Tasman Glacier before hitting the extreme sports in Queenstown. Finding adventure and uninhabited landscape reminds them of how long they've been on the road and of all the family and friends waiting for their return.
Duration: 60'


11  Thailand

Nearing the end of the trip, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach fly to Thailand looking for unique experiences outside of traditional tourist stops. Arriving in Bangkok, they travel to the hill tribes in the north, then head south to the islands, ending their trip with Justin facing off against a Thai kick boxer in-front of hundreds of locals in a sun-drenched ring of Puket.
Duration: 60'


12  Cambodia

Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach meet up with their friend Sarorn who show them the untouched parts of Cambodia. They visit the Hill Tribes in Ratanakiri where a traditional sacrifice introduces them to the real side of the country. Next they make their way by road to the majestic temples of Angkor, then on to capital city Phnom Penh and south to the remote region of Takeo. There, they live off the land in a stilt house, taking part in local activities, ceremonies and games. Scott and Justin find new purpose with their travels and commit to another year-long trip.
Duration: 60'


13  Canada: Pushing North

A year out, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach arrive back on home soil, but can't part ways without one more challenge. An epic adventure which takes them from Vancouver, through Dawson City, Whitehorse, past the Arctic Circle, and to the very end of the road. Still not ready to go home, they hop in a cargo plane to fly above and beyond the north shoreline seeing the most remote areas that Canada has to offer.
Duration: 60'


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