World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides Series 1

Henry Cole sets off to find the greatest place on earth to be on two wheels. In this series Henry sees what the West Coast of America has to offer. First up is the world famous US Highway One running from San Francisco down to Los Angeles. Always one to wear his heart on his sleeve, it's not long until Henry is both in raptures at the scenery and in despair at the traffic. In the second programme, Henry toughs it out Riding the American Deserts. Death Valley, Mojave and Joshua Tree, just the names evoke classic Americana. But far from cruising along soaking up the heat, it turns out to be one of the most challenging rides Henry has ever undertaken. Henry then tackles the East Coast; attempting the epic journey along US Highway 1 from Portland Maine, on the Canadian border, all the way to Key West in Florida. Along the way, Henry stops off in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania to meet the locals and get their views on life. Never one to hide his own true feelings at the best of times, you can be assured Henry will still be shooting from the lip this time out. So get your motor runnin', head out on the highway and join Henry lookin' for adventure.


No. of Episodes: 2


1  Riding US Highway 1

One of the most famous coastal rides in the world US Highway 1 hugs the west coast from San Francisco to Laguna Beach. Its 650 miles length is steeped in American history and iconism but many tourists only scratch the surface of this sublime journey. There is adventure and luxury to experience in equal measures and the only way to feel the true sense of freedom and escapism is to ride it not drive it. If there is one route that delivers riding the American dream in one easy week long accessible package it has to be Highway 1.
Duration: 60'


2  Riding The American Deserts

Henry Cole sets out on his radical all American chopper to experience one of the most breathtaking yet inhospitable landscapes in the world. The 1500 mile journey of extremes takes in the Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Route 66 and the glorious mountain ride through Sedona to journey's end just south of Phoenix Arizona. This once in a lifetime ride into this barren yet unendingly beautiful landscape will etch itself permanently on your soul.
Duration: 60'


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1 Riding US Highway 1

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