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    House Hunters International Scotland A family flees New York's suburbs hoping to return to city living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Series 73 - Ep.9 Read more...
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    House Hunters International Snowbirds in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica A family debates budget or beach for their snowbird sanctuary in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Series 73 - Ep.10 Read more...
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    House Hunters International Brussels in Your Hedgerow A Europhile convinces his reluctant girlfriend to move to Brussels, Belgium. Series 73 - Ep.11 Read more...
  • 07:30 +-
    House Hunters International Dusseldorf, Germany A Kansas native wants to push her suburban boundaries in Dusseldorf, Germany. Series 73 - Ep.12 Read more...
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    Salvage Dawgs Former First National Bank The Salvage Dawgs take on the former First National Bank in Gastonia, NC. Key items salvaged include lift parts and chicken wire windows. At the shop, Robert builds a bar out of a boat salvaged from Smith Mountain Lake. Series 5 - Ep.2 Read more...
  • 08:30 +-
    Salvage Dawgs Covington Church The Salvage Dawgs work on a Covington church and find tambour doors, stairs and a jukebox. Mike and Tay build a locker bench, then the crew finds a propane spotlight. Series 5 - Ep.3 Read more...
  • 09:00 +-
    Hotel Impossible Niagara Falls Down Anthony Melchiorri goes to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, where the non-ritzy Ritz Inn struggles to stay afloat. Series 3 - Ep.12 Read more...
  • 10:00 +-
    Flippin' RVs Our RV is a Palace Justin and Anna renovate a huge Palace Royale to present at the annual Roslyn Vintage Trailer Rally in Washington. Also, a VIP client delivers a banged-up Airlight that requires special rivets to repair the skin. Series 1 - Ep.2
  • 11:00 +-
    Olly Smith Ale Trails San Diego Olly Smith investigates San Diego's incredible craft beer culture, taking in the breweries of 30th Street, AKA Beer Boulevard. Series 2 - Ep.5
  • 11:30 +-
    House Hunters International A New Career in Bergen, Norway Former soccer pro Chris and his family hunt for a home in Norway. Will they end up with a quiet country cottage or an apartment in the city? Series 83 - Ep.1 Read more...
  • 12:00 +-
    House Hunters International Part-Time Paradise Laura and Guy want to buy a vacation and investment property in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Can they find a home that's both renter-friendly and a vacation getaway they can enjoy? Series 85 - Ep.11 Read more...
  • 12:30 +-
    House Hunters International Goodbye, Texas; Hello, Wales! Dallas-born Maegan joins Welshman Nathan to hunt for their first home in Cardiff, Wales. Series 85 - Ep.12 Read more...


  • 13:00 +-
    House Hunters International I Love Lucy and So Does Phil Public relations guru Phil decides to split his time between Hollywood and beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With his dog Lucy in tow, the struggle between the price tag and an amazing view will prove to be a big challenge. Series 83 - Ep.2 Read more...
  • 13:30 +-
    House Hunters International Julie Gets Transferred to Copenhagen Julie accepts a job transfer to Copenhagen, Denmark, and her husband Darren thinks it's a great opportunity for their sons to learn about a new culture. See what happens when Julie, Darren, and the boys search for an apartment. Series 81 - Ep.1 Read more...
  • 14:00 +-
    House Hunters International Studying or Beach in Grenada Ryan and McKenzie are leaving snowy Utah so he can pursue his passion to become a doctor. They've found the perfect opportunity on the island of Grenada, but they soon find living on student loans limits their budget. Series 81 - Ep.2 Read more...
  • 14:30 +-
    House Hunters International Better Late Than Never in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Rory fell in love with Guatemala and has never let go of his dream of moving there. If he wants his lakeside dream to come true though, he'll have to convince his wife Ivy that the view is worth the remote location. Series 81 - Ep.3 Read more...
  • 15:00 +-
    Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Zurich Andrew takes us to Zurich, the origin of some of Switzerland's most famous foods. From warm gooey fondue to Swiss chocolate made with a modern twist, this city is home to some of the most indulgent comfort foods in the world! Series 1 - Ep.11 Read more...
  • 15:30 +-
    Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Hong Kong The city of Hong Kong's seven million residents flock to its many restaurants, street carts, and noodle houses daily. From dim sum to congee to roast goose, Andrew Zimmern finds out just what makes this destination so delicious! Series 1 - Ep.12 Read more...
  • 16:00 +-
    Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Tokyo Tokyo, Japan, is a world leader in everything from finance to technology - and food! In a spectacular city known for such edible icons as sushi and tempura, Andrew Zimmern explores just what makes this destination so delicious. Series 1 - Ep.13 Read more...
  • 16:30 +-
    Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Los Angeles Los Angeles, California, is the capital of stardom - and that includes its cuisine! In a city known for such edible icons as Korean tacos and the LA street dog, Andrew Zimmern explores just what makes this destination so delicious. Series 2 - Ep.1 Read more...
  • 17:00 +-
    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Peruvian Amazon: Giant Rodents & Biting Ants Andrew goes off the grid to Iquitos, Peru, in the heart of the Amazon. He wrestles giant paiche fish, hits local markets for grilled coconut grubs and smoked jungle rodents, and forages for giant biting ants with a tribal shaman. Series 6 - Ep.7


  • 18:00 +-
    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Okinawa Andrew heads to Okinawa, Japan, for ancient eats like tuna eye and pickled pig ear. From poisonous pufferfish and raw goat, to the last sea snake eggs on Earth, Andrew tastes local secrets. Series 8 - Ep.3
  • 19:00 +-
    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway Andrew cruises up the most scenic highway in America on a seafood-sampling adventure. His journey takes him hagfish fishing, eating the slimy reproductive organs of sea urchins and foraging for juicy molluscs. Series 9 - Ep.6
  • 20:00 +-
    Expedition Unknown The Quest for King Arthur Josh traverses England, Wales and Scotland, wading through history and legend to search for evidence of a real King Arthur. In Wales, Josh has a close call rappelling into the hundreds of miles of underground caves. Series 2 - Ep.1 Read more...
  • 21:00 +-
    Expedition Unknown Italy's Barbarian Booty To find the plundered riches of the Roman Empire, Josh Gates must locate the tomb of the Visigoth King Alaric in Italy. The hunt extends from the capital of Rome to the southern city of Cosenza. Series 3 - Ep.15 Read more...
  • 22:00 +-
    Ghost Hunters International Holy Ghost GHI undertakes investigations in Chile, starting in El Bosque, where the City Hall has been the site of numerous reported phenomena. Then they investigate the Santiago Severin Library in Valparaiso, where there have been ghostly sightings. Series 2 - Ep.6


  • 23:00 +-
    Ghost Hunters International Spirits of Italy GHI heads to Italy - first to Malaspina Castle in Fosdinovo, where visitors have seen shadows, heard screams, and witnessed poltergeist activity. Then it's on to Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, where there are sounds of wailing and crying. Series 2 - Ep.5
  • 00:00 +-
    When Ghosts Attack Wicked Warriors Keith Dovichi is excited by a new start in California, but when an ominous entity in the house begins to threaten his family's lives, the excitement turns to terror. In Alabama, a war hero returns home to battle something he cannot see. Series 1 - Ep.3






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